Chakad Teb Adrian Co.

Chakad Teb Adrin Company was established in 2017 under the management of Dr. Nima Jamshidi, a member of the faculty of the Department of Medical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, with the aim of producing and providing medical and rehabilitation equipment. Knowledge and technology has taken great strides and with the aim of meeting the domestic need to equip medical centers, the production of high quality artificial limbs has entered the field of production.

The main mission of this company is to create better conditions for amputees all over the world and making quality and practical products is one of the most important concerns of the founders of this company. Approved by the General Directorate of Medical Equipment and the European Union. Products of Chakad Teb Adrin Company with Chekad brand, having the same quality and durability as the best manufacturers of these products around the world, will be one of your best choices. Our motto at Chakad Teb Adrien is to support you.

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