Chakad Teb Adrian Company was established in 2017 under the management of Dr. Nima Jamshidi, a member of the faculty of the Department of Medical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, with the aim of producing and providing medical, rehabilitation and hospital equipment. This company has taken great steps to localize knowledge and technology, and for this reason, in 1397, it was awarded the title of knowledge-based by the Vice President for Science and Technology.

This company in 1398, relying on local knowledge and technology, was able to produce its latest product called Chakad 2 carbon paw, which has a much better performance than its foreign counterpart. The company now sells its products under the Chakad Teb Adrienne brand.

All products of this company have been tested using ISO10328 standard.
All products of Danesh Bonyan Chakad Teb Adrin Company, located in the Center for Growth and Technology of the University of Isfahan, are produced in Iran and under the quality control of the Italian company IMQ and under the technical supervision of Nyonitech Finland, and are distributed internationally.
Acquired the title of selected technology of the University of Isfahan, November 2016
Medical equipment production license, 1399
Acquiring the title of the best technology in the universities of Isfahan province, 1398
Acquisition of quality mark and sales license in the European Union, CE from Nyonitech Finland, 2020
* Obtaining ISO 13485: 2016 certification for production, services and sales from the Italian company IMQ, 2020
Received the title of top entrepreneur by the University of Isfahan, November 2016
Acquisition of the title of knowledge base by the Vice President for Science and Technology, 1397
Acquisition of superior technology by the 18th Technology Research and Technology Exhibition, Tehran, 2017
Achieving technology readiness level of 8 out of 9 by the 21st Exhibition of Research, Technology and Market Technology, Tehran 1399
Presentation of intelligent neural orthosis technology in the 9th Congress of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience in the selected panel of technology and industry, 2016