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    Carbon tube (pylon)


    The modular pipes produced by Chakad Teb Adrien Company are a new generation of carbon composites that have been designed and produced through special processes, which result in pipes with a strength that can compete with metal and weigh about one third of the weight of metal. This is important because of the important role of the pylon in transferring the patient’s weight from the socket to the paw prosthesis; By using these carbon pylons, the person does not feel too heavy on his feet and walks easily, confidently and more naturally.

    Chakad 1 carbon foot(soleus foot)


    Chakad 1 is produced with a unique design of the integration of composite springs with a special arrangement of carbon fibers and epoxy resin, which simultaneously provides unparalleled strength and flexibility and is able to store some of the energy applied to the prosthesis. This product responds to various shocks and forces in the best way and prevents the transfer of excessive force to the remaining limb; Therefore, a person can walk for a long time and go about his daily activities without getting tired and consuming too much energy. This prosthesis is suitable for people who have a deformity below the knee or above the knee and perform normal and daily activities.

    Chakad carbon claw 2


    The prosthesis is used for people with disabilities below or above the knee. In the production of this product, special standards have been observed that create a feeling of natural mobility and unparalleled comfort. For the first time, this prosthesis can move in all conditions with a wide range of forces, vertically and horizontally, and…

    Knee 3R20 and 3R36

    The present joint is intended for use in people with knee disabilities. This product is suitable for users who have normal activities during the day. The function of the polycentric knee is such that its mechanical adjustments are directly related to the function of the knee, and its function can be improved by changing the weight alignment line to the position of the toe by adjusting the socket and the toe or changing the joint settings. Proper adjustment of the 3R20 or 3R36 knee joints can lead to proper gait and balance function, reducing the force applied to the remaining leg and reducing problems and conditions such as colossal ulcers in the remaining limb.