Danesh Bonyan Chakad Teb Adrien Company succeeded in presenting new models with higher efficiency than the paw tropop model of the American company College College.

According to the uinews news website, Dr. Nima Jamshidi, a member of the faculty of the Department of Medical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Isfahan, in order to fulfill his social responsibility, evaluated, obtained and produced this paw in May 2009 and in the next stage, members of Danesh Bonyan Chakad Teb Company. Adrienne also localized the technologies available in this paw.

Dr. Nima Jamshidi, in an interview with the Public Relations News Unit, stated: “One of the problems facing the localization of this paw has been the lack of suitable raw materials, because the raw materials of this product are not imported due to dual uses and due to sanctions. There was no use of raw materials used by the American company in the production of this product to the country. The American manufacturer also refused to deliver these carbon claws to the Iranians under sanctions.

He added: “Therefore, the research team of Danesh Bonyan Chakad Teb Adrien Company, together with Hamgo Hamgami Institute of Persian Alborz Drug Research and Technology Fund and Isfahan Innovation and Prosperity Fund, invested in the production of this product.” In the first step, after many tests, the raw materials were produced similar to the American product, and then the company’s specialists, due to their commitment to improving the quality of this product, localized the raw materials and reached different combinations. The compounds have very interesting and contrasting capabilities, and the design of these claws is capable of bearing 800 kg of weight at the tip of the claw, which gives the highest ability to move and perform strength exercises, and after lifting the load without any apparent change to Returns to its original state. The native materials used, on the one hand, have a very high strength and on the other hand, bring softness and a natural sense of walking. The intelligent and memory combinations used in the 14 parts of this product have made this product highly efficient. On the other hand, the technologies used in the production of Chakad carbon paw have made this window superior to American models in terms of weight bearing. This claw can withstand three times the maximum weight defined in international standards and is very important for the production and saving of currency. . In the production of this product, special technologies have been used that each of its members has high strength and durability in knowledge of mechanics. Different parts of this paw have brought the product to a high level of quality and efficiency by designing Iranian-based knowledge. This surprised European experts, who in a very short time obtained the mark or quality license and standard required for import into the EU.